company rebrand

Services Provided: 

  • Company Rebrand
  • Branding/Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Print Design
  • Web Design
  • Customer Experience
  • Photo Editing

Baby Prep™ Prenatal Sessions

Vancouver, BC

Michael Strasky and Rachel Teresa Park

The object was to create a strong yet calming identity. At first sight, the logo is a heart,
but can also be interpreted as a pregnant 'B' or a baby in Utero.  

Baby Prep™ Prenatal Sessions offers prenatal classes and child birth education to
Vancouver and surrounding communities. Please, scroll to the bottom of the page to
see the original Baby Prep identity. It lacked emotion, quality and vision, the clients growth
had become stagnant, even though the product and service she offered was of premium value.


Actual business cards and pamphlets have rounded corners.

Over forty sheets of educational material was redesigned

screen shot of the Baby Prep home page.

Banner mock up

Baby Prep Reunion: 2016