About the project:

I decided to create a large format magazine that would take me out of my comfort zone.
With the help of two classmates, Dylan Smith and Rachel Teresa Park, we travelled to specific locations in and around Calgary taking photos for the sake of having original content. Some of the photos in the magazine were taken with disposable cameras and since this was a school project I had time to develop and scan and edit images. The large format magazine allows for experimentation with typography and an opportunity to break the typical typographical grid. 

  • Original photography, taken with disposable cameras
  • Original content,
  • Print Design
  • Layout Design
  • Photography
  • Typography

Personal/School Project
Created with Dylan Smith, Calgary AB

Project:  This was a 4th-year magazine project completed at the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2014. Route 6 pulls inspiration from the train hoppers, the nomads and the unconventional travellers who consciously remain off the social grid. The concept for the magazine was inspired by Jack Kerouac's, book, ON THE ROAD.

Applied Arts Student Awards 2014 Winner.

This piece was created at the Alberta College of Art and Design.


Logo Process: Mike Strasky / Dylan Smith


Logo Inspiration: Type writer key #6 and historic route 66 sign


Cover Photo: Mike Strasky / Harlan Fijal Cambell


09 (1).jpg